Businesses Helping OutHelping Businesses Help Their Community
Business Advantage

  • Improves employee morale
  • Involves employees
  • Employees become more dedicated
  • Positive impact for the business

Business involvement with Love INC:

Financial Support
A monthly contribution

Service or Product Support
Offering your business's unique services or products as a resource to help those is need. Remember Love INC will be sure your resources go to legitimate needs.

Volunteer Support
Volunteering one or more of your employees to work at Love INC.

Helping Employees

  • Provides a venue for you to help employees
    • In a crisis situation
    • Anonymously
  • Prevents future dependence
  • Prevents discrimination issues

Love INC is a Business Partner

  • Provides Clearinghouse service to a business
    • Screening and referral service
    • Ensure your money does not go to the wrong place
  • Allows the business to give to the community with tax-deductible dollars.

SUPPORT the Local businesses that SUPPORT your community


Take a look at our pamphlet: Helping Businesses Help Their Community