About Us

Our mission is to mobilize the Church to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ.
Our goal is to help churches help people.

About Love INCOur history goes back 40 years. Love INC was first developed in 1977 in Holland, Michigan. The concept was created to help churches be more effective in meeting needs. There are over 140 Love INC ministries in 30 states.

Love INC is one of the most effective management,
mobilization, and networking tools available to churches today. Using the Love INC model, local churches come together as a network. It's a cooperative effort that makes a lasting impact on individuals, families, and children in need.

Love INC is primarily funded by donations and contributions from area churches, businesses and individuals.

Love INC's process:

Receive request for help
Love INC receives requests for help by telephone from churches and pastors, agencies, individuals and families.

Assess the need
Specially trained Love INC volunteers or staff screen the request for extent of need and legitimacy, and discover any deeper issues fueling the crisis. Love INC determines what help the client has already received from agencies or churches, and ensures the need is manageable and specific.

Refer to Help
The request is referred to the most appropriate Love INC partner church, agency, or faith-based organization and the need is met.

Follow Up
Love INC reviews the outcome. Was the immediate need met? Is there a core issue that requires longer-term attention? The follow-up also provides an opportunity for the recipient to become connected to a local church if he or she so desires.





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