Love Stories

We have had many requests for many different needs. Below are a few examples:

  • A mother of 3 and pregnant with the fourth, suffering from toxemia caused by the pregnancy and unable to work, found herself abandoned by her husband with the rent overdue and utilities about to be shut off. Love INC was able to refer them to an emergency community resource to help meet these immediate needs.


  • North Olmsted Evangelical Friends Church was able to provide volunteers to assist a disabled woman with transportation to a doctor’s appointment on three different occasions.


  • Another young woman called in for assistance
    with quite a large request of rent in order to avoid eviction one week before she received her first paycheck in 6 months. Trinity Baptist Church, Parma Baptist Church and Divinity
    Lutheran Church all generously contributed to meet this need.


  • A family that was faced with the sudden loss of  its only income was assisted by Cuyahoga Valley Community Church’s help with the mortgage payment. They were also referred to another Christian community resource to assist with debt management. Thanks be to God for the many resources He provides us with.


  • Hats, coats and gloves were donated by a local hair salon and distributed by Cuyahoga Valley Community Church’s volunteers through a bus ministry in the inner city.


  • A young homeless man that Love INC assisted in finding housing was in need of a mattress and The Orchard Church was faithful in providing one for him.


  • A young mom of two was assisted by Love INC to find transitional housing when they were abandoned by their father upon receiving a three day eviction notice. Cuyahoga Valley Community church was able to provide her with a couch and beds.

Many different needs, met by many different churches and businesses… same God.